Welcome, pilgrim. The story will develop because of your decisions and actions. Will you walk this path from the beginning to the end of time?
Pilgrim — holder of the NFT Holistic Pilgrim Club. Landlord — holder of the NFT HP Club: Estates — Fief.

Principles of members of the Estate:

  • learn and teach others;
  • Be wise in your decisions;
  • Take responsibility;
  • Take the lead.
To become a member of the Estate you must be a Pilgrim, have Fief NFT, a reputation and one of the required roles.

What is the essence of Estate and what is the benefit?

The each Estate consist of a small number (3) of Pilgrims (Landlords). Everyone will have their own area of responsibility. Other Pilgrims may participate in Estate activities.

Areas of work Estate of Lore:

  • Art
  • Lore
  • Quests

Any Pilgrim will be able to participate in any of these areas:

  • create Art
  • write Stories/Lore
  • participate in Quests
And get rewarded for it (in $NEAR)! Landlords will be responsible for creating ideas/quests, art/stories quality control. And thanks to the work of the Estates, more and more artistic and diverse people will learn about the Pilgrims!
Royalties generated from sales will go towards the HP Club: Estate DAO. So the connection between the work of the Estates and popularity is obvious.

First Estates.

  • Estate of Lore
  • Estate of Heralds
  • Estate of Coding

Estates Funding