"In each Pilgrim's heart lies an untrodden path, a journey untraveled, a universe undiscovered." - Verse of the Wanderers
The Pilgrims, a distinct subcategory of the Holistic Relics, are the traveling companions on your journey through the cosmos. They are the animated embodiments of unique experiences, each carrying their distinct narrative etched in the eons of the universe.
These pixelated entities hold a divine purpose, accompanying users through their explorations of the Holistic Pilgrim universe, guiding them through the intricate web of cosmic connections. Each Pilgrim, with their unique set of skills, advantages, and drawbacks, shapes the course of the user's journey, their presence influencing the unfolding of the cosmic dance.
Through their interactions with the Pilgrims, users delve deeper into the lore of the Holistic Pilgrim world, uncovering pieces of the cosmic puzzle that the universe is. Each Pilgrim becomes a medium of self-discovery, enabling users to perceive the interconnectedness that permeates the universe, molding their understanding of the cosmos.