Vision and Value

The creation of the world of Holistic Pilgrim arose from many momentary desires to return to a carefree childhood. Hence the idea of ​​making everything pixelated, like in the old games we all played.
Our vision for this project is to experience the emotions that we left behind in our distant childhood. The feeling of nostalgia makes us return to the times we miss, when the only problem was whether our parents scolded us for bad grades or how to build a tree house correctly. We focus on childhood because sometimes we all want to be a little child, play games or look at toys on the shelves in children's stores. Holistic Pilgrim gives this opportunity, gives you the opportunity to test yourself by solving riddles, gives you the opportunity to get to know the characters from our world, learn about their life or sympathize with their fate.
Holistic Pilgrim has no limits and it does not end, in this world any action has a connection with the next, even if you are not aware of it. There is no good or bad, no truth or lies. In this world, you can be both a desperate space alien and a cute old man who owns a small bookstore. And most importantly, everything in this world is connected.


To create a holistic world, we drew inspiration not only from childhood, but also from various series and books. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, a book by Douglas Adams, helped us make the world holistic. Creating a world where everything is truly connected gives players the opportunity to carefully think through each of their actions and remember that the final result depends on them. We took hermeticism as a basis, this is the doctrine of the mysterious that is in this world and that which is connected within this sacrament. We liked the fact that it is directly related to the slogan "Everything is connected", it helped us create causes and connections, complement the whole world with a magical effect on the reality of our world.