Path of the Pilgrims.

QI 2022.

✅ Phase 0.

  • Creating an idea;
  • Getting started on projects: Holistc Pilgrim Club, Holistic Kingdom;
  • Creating a Twitter/Discord (private).

✅ Phase 1.

  • Creating the Story and Characters of the Holistic Kingdom;
  • Creating Holistic Club traits;
  • Project collaborations;

QII 2022.

▶️ Phase 2.

Holistic Pilgrim Club:

  • Mint;
Investing the funds from Mint in the further development of the Holistic Kingdom game project;
  • Listing;
  • Breeding Idea announcement


  • Formation of Estates;

  • Launch of Estates;
  • Filling DAO Estates;


  • Announcement of Fiefs;
  • Fiefs First Distribution;
  • First Fiefs Auction;
  • Start of staking Fiefs development;

Launch of the Secret Project (33);

Holistic Kingdom:

  • Holistic Kingdom Whitepaper
  • Holistic Kingdom Design
  • Holistic Kingdom SWOT Analysis

Phase 3.

Holistic Kingdom:

  • Start making avatars for the Holistic Kingdom game with full walk circle;
  • Creation/improvement of interface design;
  • Gameplay contract; Logic of quests and history; NFT integration logic (staking, avatars); NEAR projects integration logic;

Holistic Pilgrim Club:

  • Development of the Holistic Pilgrim Club burning mechanism;
  • Development of the idea of mutations;


  • Formation of new estates;
  • Staking features in Fiefs


  • Fiefs Auctions;

QIII 2022

Phase 4.

Holistic Kingdom:

  • Finalization and complete creation of the game contract;
  • Testing;
  • Testnet Launch;
  • Beta Launch;

Holistic Pilgrim Club:

  • Mount pets for Pilgrims;
  • Launching the burning mechanism

Phase 5.

  • Holistic Kingdom Season 1 Launch;
  • Working on new Seasons;

QIV 2022

Phase 6.

Holistic Kingdom:

  • Analytics after the launch of the game project
  • Adding new features to the game
  • Announcements of new game projects