Club of travelers among the worlds.
In our world Holistic Pilgrim there is also a club of travelers among the worlds, these are pilgrims who are located in different parts of the galaxy, worlds and fantasies. We carefully think through the stories of each pilgrim of this club, talk about their strengths and weaknesses, pay attention to their problems and experiences.
These Pilgrims are not always human, they can be anyone, an invisible person or a bone creature that drinks only because he likes the way alcohol washes his bones, but each of these pilgrims has a soul behind which carries much more. It was important for us to convey that the story of each pilgrim is unique, but they are all connected by the fact that they exist exclusively in the world of Holistic Pilgrim, traveling through the worlds, creating problems and making decisions. The main thing to remember is that in this world not everything is as simple as it seems.
Supply: 1777 Pilgrims
Mint Date: 31 March 2022